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Why Holster Sandals Are So Comfortable

Holster Sandals Are So ComfortableYou can have all the shoes in the world, but if it’s not comfortable you can throw them away. People can’t believe how comfortable holster sandals are until they wear them. Most of these shoes are flat and feature a slightly arched sole. These sandals are comfortable, stylish and fun. Remember, with beautiful shoes you need to have beautiful feet, so pamper those feet first before wearing sandals.

This comfortable and stylish range can be worn to the beach, out to lunch or for a day of shopping. These stylish holster sandals can also be worn as evening footwear. No matter how beautiful a shoe is, if it’s not comfortable it’s not going to be fun to wear. This shoe is developed to ensure it fits perfectly and comfortably on any foot no matter the size.

Their jelly shoes are fun, fashionable and down to earth. This footwear offers you not only style but comfort too. Extra features were added like the arch support to the soles for enhanced foot support. The jelly shoes are not only fashionable, but also have added features and benefits:

  • It is odour resistant and can be cleaned with mild soap and water.
  • It is easy to care for.
  • Holster sandals are made from non-toxic material. You can be assured that by wearing these shoes, you and your children will be safe from the toxins and chemicals used in other non-compliant footwear.
  • Cruelty free and devoid of animal products.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Large selection of colours available.
  • It is soft, flexible high quality PVC injection.
  • All shoe boxes and tissue paper that are used are made of recycled paper.

Holster sandals are available with a flat sole, wedges or high heels for the more daring. Like most leather shoes bought for the first time the sandals have a unique aroma. Generally sandals will not stretch or tear as long as it is handled with utmost care. Remember to undo the buckle before removing the sandal from your foot to avoid stretching the strap. Use warm water, soap and a soft cloth to clean them; harsh chemicals will damage your sandals. Make sure you dry all diamantes on the shoes and check that any jewels are properly dried and cared for. Put your shoes back into their original box when you take them off, to keep them free from dust.

The design factors as well as the way you take care of the shoes, ensure that they are the most comfortable shoes in your cupboard.

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Fashionable Workwear for Women

Fashionable Workwear for WomenEvery woman wants to look modern and stylish at work. Gone are the days of the boring skirt and shirt combination that were so popular. Women want form fitting workwear that suit their bodies and give them a professional appearance. There are many brands that offer designer workwear for the modern woman.

Jeans. Sissy Boy jeans are designed to be form-fitting and comfortable on your body. As we all know, jeans are hard wearing and can endure most conditions. That makes them the ideal piece of clothing for years’ worth of wear. They are designer jeans so they look fantastic with a formal shirt. Pair this with a few gold bangles, a watch and a long necklace. To complete the look, opt for a closed toe high heel shoe in black or a black pair of pumps.

Handbags. As part of your workwear, you’ll need a functional handbag. The handbag should be able to hold your make up, wallet, and other small items, as well as your documents or folder. That means that it needs to be quite large and spacious, but it shouldn’t look lumpy. It needs to be sturdy and have a formal element to it. The Puma Ladies Ferrari Handbags look elegant and are spacious. You can get them in white so that they complement every outfit.

Footwear. If you work in an informal setting then a sneaker may be an option for you, but for the rest of us, we need to look professional at work. Ladies spend over 8 hours of their day at work, so how are they supposed to cope with those 6 inch high heels all day? It is best to look around for a comfortable pair of heels. There are stylish options out there for you. The Sissy Boy LDS Koko Wedge is a high heel that is crossed with a sneaker. It has a trendy strap around the back with a gold buckle which gives it a formal look. Flat shoes are also an option for the modern professional woman. The Puma Ladies Donne Balerine pump is available in black and is a beautiful formal shoe that contains the comfort we associate with Puma’s shoes. You can wear these with a pair of jeans or a skirt.

If you work in an office environment and want to look stylish yet be comfortable, you have these options available. You can mix the clothing items to make it suitable trendy workwear for you.

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Wedding Accessories To Enhance Your Ethnic Wear

Wedding Accessories To Enhance Your Ethnic WearA suit is not the only option for a man when it comes to looking stylish and sophisticated at a wedding. A classic Indian Sherwani complemented with the right accessories can be the ultimate style statement, guaranteed to give you a royal look along with a hint of modernity. A Sherwani is the first pick for most Indian men when it comes to dressing up for a big occasion like a wedding or a festival. So, what kind of accessories should you choose to get the right ensemble? Let’s take a look at some of the most important accessories that will convert an elementary ethnic look into a majestic one.

Stole: A stole is a scarf that is worn around the neck. Sherwani stoles are mostly made of silk or velvet and contain beautiful embroidery and embellishments like cutwork lace with beautiful pearl tassels. A stole is an essential accessory that will surely add panache to your traditional attire.

Turbans: Another important wedding accessory for the groom is the traditional turban that is a symbol of pride and self-esteem. The Indian turban, also known as a pagri, is a kind of headwear made of different materials like silk, velvet, etc. Indian wedding turbans are known for their vibrant colors and embellishments. They are usually adorned with pearls, diamonds, colored stones or zardozi embroidery and to make it all the more attractive a diamond studded brooch is added to the top of the turban.

Mala (Beaded Necklace): In the olden days, Kings or Maharajas used to wear beaded necklaces, also known as malas, as a display of royalty and stature. Traditional pearl malas usually contain precious stones or beads and meenakari work. Accessorize your Sherwani with a layered mala for a traditional and elegant look.

Mojaris: A Sherwani is incomplete without mojaris. mojaris are handcrafted footwear which emanated under the Mughal era. Mojaris can be simple, embroidered or embellished with beads. They are the ideal footwear to be worn along with a Sherwani. Team up your Sherwani with the right mojaris to enhance your traditional outfit.

Indian weddings are known to be vibrant and colorful. As the Bride and the Groom are the center of attraction; their attire plays a major role in creating an impression. Making these accessories a part of your wedding ensemble will definitely make you look elegant and smart on the most special day of your life.


The 3 Common Types of Men’s Casual Shoes

Men's Casual ShoesApart from women being concerned about how they look, there are men too following their footsteps. Men too have started to feel the need of being conscious about how they dress and the way they can be presentable to the rest of the world. This applies to choosing the right clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. that would suit the occasion you are wearing it for. Shoes are one such accessory that makes an impression on people. It is important to choose the right pair for the right attire. You wouldn’t want to be a laughing stock when you wear a formal suit with a pair of slip-ons as both do not complement each other. Therefore, visiting a good store is essential.

Apart from attending to the professional priorities, there are times when you may intend to spend quality time with your friends, family and loved ones and go out for a casual outing. Casual outings would mean wearing the most comfortable attire, and, therefore, it requires similar footwear to go along as well. Here are a few casual shoes that you can consider which would easily match the casual attire you wear.

• Sneakers – Sneakers serve as being one of the best choices for a casual day out. It is closed footwear keeping the leg snug and warm and prevents it from getting affected by dirt and grime. It has a sporty look to it that allows you to look smart when you pair them up with jeans and a comfortable t-shirt or casual shirt. They are cushioned with foam to protect the feet and give it a firm support.

• Canvas shoes – They are made of canvas sit rightly on the feet and take its shape. It doesn’t have an enlarged look and simultaneously providing comfort to the feet while you walk with it. You can wear them with jeans and shorts to give it a casual look. They are available in varied colours and prints. You can make a choice on the colour and print you intend to wear and accordingly paint the town red.

• Slip-ons – Slip-ons serve as slippers where you simply need to slide on your feet, and you are ready to go. You can wear them for a casual day out at the beach, local shopping expeditions or while simply visiting friends over a cup of coffee. Slip-ons are lightweight and can be easily carried along when you make plans for outdoor trips for the weekend.