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Best Shoe Trends That Every Woman Would Love

Ballet FlatsOwning a dozen pair of trendy shoes, to go with every outfit in their wardrobe, is every woman’s dream. Be it a formal event, casual outing, or an official meeting, wearing the right shoes with your outfit can help create a great impression on the people around you, along with giving you the confidence of looking your best.

Women’s footwear can be found in various types that are each as attractive and appealing as the other. Making your look stand out among the rest, wearing the right shoes with the right outfit can help you make style statements, no matter what the occasion. Some of the types of shoes that are a must in every woman’s wardrobe to complete their look with √©lan are mentioned below.


One of the most coveted shoe types, pumps are bound to make your feet look alluring and attractive, blending well with any outfit. Black pumps are a must have for every woman who is a shoe addict, irrespective of whether you prefer high heels or not. One can always choose the heel size and the toe shape to suit their preference, with each adding equal charm to your look. For those who prefer bold colors, choosing a nude shade or a brighter and bolder shade will work as well as classic black.

Ballet Flats or Bellies

Comfortable yet attractive, bellies are perfect for everyday use, whether for formal use or casual outings. These shoes offer a sure grip when worn, helping you walk on any surface without the dread of stumbling. Ballet flats are the perfect shoes type for those who are not confident while wearing heels, giving you the assurance you need.


The perfect shoe for those who love heels but dread the thought of balancing themselves on uneven surfaces, wedges are ideal to not only add a little to your height but also help you balance yourselves without trying too much. Blending well with everything it is paired with, wedges can be found in a plethora of designs and colors that you can choose according to your preference.

Be it a formal event, casual outing, or an official meeting, wearing the right shoes with your outfit can help create a great impression on the people around you, along with giving you the confidence of looking your best. You can find all types of shoes for women online with numerous footwear options at reasonable prices.

Stay In the Limelight With Elegant Evening Dresses

Elegant Evening DressesHighlight yourself for planning for a wedding reception or cocktail party? An evening dress is the correct choice for you when paired it with perfect footwear. Body shape is the most important element you need to keep in mind before buying the best evening dress. To stay in the limelight of the party the color of the dress and the matching accessories is the best decision before appearing for the party.

Tips to Pair Shoes with a Perfect Evening Dress:

A teenager would spend most of the time planning for the much awaited Prom party or evening party. They like to buy the best prom dress that will fit the body shape perfectly. Evening dresses made of glossy fabric will look attractive for you to stay in the spotlight of the party. Let’s take a glance at the best evening dress and the matching footwear:

1. Keep it Neutral:

If you are choosing a mini dress with full sleeves or a graphic print short dress for the party tonight you are to keep the shoe shade neutral. Printed knee-length dresses will look best with the hues of metallic, bronze and even beige. The dark-colored patterns will team best with the neutral colored high heels, stilettos.

2. Combination of Color from the Dress:

Play clever with the multicolored halter neck dresses that define the waistline beautifully. Choose a color from the dress to pair the shoes. If you are wearing a light color shoe choose the contradictory bright color blazer to cover the shoulders. Strapped heels, pumps and peep toes would be an absolutely adorable choice for the dress. For example, if you are wearing the printed dress that has pink, green and red combo, choose the shoe in shades of pink and deepest hues of red is your choice for the blazers.

3. Block Color Contrast:

Work with contrast block colors while choosing stylish pencil skirts. The best is to choose the colors that belong to the opposite sides of the color wheel. You can easily team a cobalt blue Heel with your block color in shades of chrome yellow. If the dress is lengthy, such as, a red floor length dress will look best with a deep green peep toe. Choose a blue tube skirt to contrast with the solid color of orange while buying shoes.

Therefore, choose your dress and pair it with the best quality shoe that portrays your personality and defines your body shape as well.

4 Vintage Styles of Girls’ Dresses That Have Made a Comeback

Flower PrintIn the fashion world, everything comes and goes in cycles. Modern fashion is constantly borrowing from the past, and looks that were once seen as outdated are often recreated to be chic today. There are a number of different styles that are as popular now as they were when they originated. With the New Year rolling out, it’s helpful to know which girls’ dresses from the past are here to stay in 2016, and how to wear them.

Flower Print

Fifteen years ago, flower print may have been considered too old school to be seen on fashionistas. In the past few years, this style of girls’ dresses has firmly established its comeback. With flower child culture alive and well and flower crowns a common accessory, the resurgence of flower print has come in wide varieties. From daisies to roses, it seems that every flower is represented in this look. Slip into your favorite flower print style with loose, natural hair and solid color accessories for a carefree everyday appearance.


At one point, lace was reserved for brides and young children, associated with a matronly or reserved look. After a shift away from white lace, this style began its comeback as an accent, with lace trim or sleeves on otherwise plain dresses. Now it’s not uncommon to find a large selection of high fashion full lace dresses on the runway and in boutiques. A great thing about lace is its variety — there are multiple types ranging from simple to intricate that can greatly change the tone of an outfit. Lace can bring a level of sophisticated for semi-formal occasions, or a casual, retro style perfect for the winter season. To style this look, complete your outfit with a curled updo and a showstopping necklace.

Three-Quarter Sleeve

When it comes to girls’ dresses, sleeves aren’t necessarily the first thing people notice. But the three-quarter sleeve is actually a look that was popular in the early 20th century, and it’s recently been reasserted as a subtle way to add modesty and sophistication to an outfit. It’s common that three-quarter sleeve dresses are all one color, which allows you to make the look different every time you wear it, depending on how it’s accessorized. Because the sleeves are a unique length, it’s important to balance the rest of your look. Try combining mid-calf boots and bangle bracelets to complete the ensemble.

Polka Dots

Polka dot print was highly popularized during the 50’s, a time when pop art and bold colors set fashion lovers apart. While they were once only found on the shelves of children’s stores, polka dot girls’ dresses are now lauded for being bold and eye-catching. Depending on the size and color scheme, polka dots can be classy and playful. This look recalls a different time and begs for retro hairstyles, shoes, and accessories like hair scarves.


Guide On How To Wear A Bodycon Dress

Bodycon DressA bodycon dress is an outfit that hugs your body from the bust to the lower hem. It comes in three lengths: knee, mid thigh and upper thigh. Just like any other outfit, it’s made from different materials including: cotton, lycra and polyester blend.

Tips on how to wear the dress

Be cautious of your figure: The cool thing with the dress is that you can wear it during the day and night. When wearing it, the most important factor that you should consider is your figure. Here are the different body figures:

Hourglass: You have wide hips and chest and a well defined waist. The best outfit to go for is a bodycon dress that doesn’t cling too much on your body.

Apple: You have an apple figure if you have broad hips, stomach and no waist definition. You should avoid the bodycon dress if you have this figure as you have an appearance of roundness and lack of body shape.

Pear shaped: With a pear shape you have a small chest and broad hips. Experts recommend that you avoid the bodycon dress as the clinging material will emphasize your hips making your body look unbalanced and ill-proportioned.

Inverted triangle: Many call this figure a heart shaped figure. If you have this figure you have a large bust, narrow hips and no waist definition. You should avoid wearing the bodycon dress as the dress will emphasize the triangular shape of your body giving you the illusion of extra broad upper body.

Play around with proportions: If you have the right figure for the outfit you should play around with the dress to accentuate your look. You can wear an outfit with padded shoulders to emphasize your curvy waist and bottom. You can also play around with different textures, lines, lengths and prints.

Accessorize it: To improve your look you should accessorize the dress. Some of the items that you can use as accessories are:

Shoes: The shoes that you wear depend on the time and occasion. If wearing the outfit in an evening, you should wear boots with stiletto heels. If wearing the outfit during the day you should wear flat shoes. If it’s warm, you should wear sandals.

Belts: Belts break the monotony of the outfit. You can go with a belt that matches or contrasts the color of the dress. When buying the belt you should consider your body size, event and time.